Laleh is the Persian word for tulip.

Atelier Laleh is a mother/daughter clothing project.

I’m Maria, a Finnish-Iranian photographer with a passion for sustainably-made clothing of natural fabrics. My mother, Irma, has been sewing and making her own clothing since she was a young girl growing up in Tornio, Finland. She was taught by my grandmother who was a professional seamstress. As kids, most of the clothes worn by my two brothers and I were made by my mother, and some of my most treasured items from childhood are the unique pieces she made for me.

We both share a love of simple, classic designs with modern touches that can serve as wardrobe staples through any trend. Atelier Laleh brings together the fine craftsmanship of my mother and our belief that clothing should be made responsibly. We design our pieces together and every piece is made in Helsinki, Finland by Irma. In order to cut down on waste, each piece is made-to-order, which means the sewing process begins after an order is placed.

We use natural fabrics only and high quality linen is our fabric of choice for many reasons. We love it most because of its small environmental footprint, requiring considerably less energy and water to produce than most other fabrics. Linen is also incredibly durable, highly breathable, and continues to get softer with every wash. Our fabrics are produced in Europe and most of the ones we use carry an OEKO-TEX® eco-certificate.

We care about our planet and value sustainability, ethical, and ecological fashion and true craftsmanship.

Maria & Irma